Gazebo Garden

Capacity: 90 seated

The Tamborine Mountain Gazebo Garden is the perfect backdrop for an elegant garden ceremony. Embraced by picturesque shade trees, English box hedges, fragrant gardenia, and star jasmine, this space is a sight to behold.


With a choir of songbirds to serenade you down the aisle and Peacocks to adorn your photos, the Gazebo Garden offers a truly magical outdoor experience.

Tamborine Mountain Gazebo Garden allows you to create the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of. Pristine white Americano chairs with luscious cushioning provide comfort for your guests, arranged to create an elegant aisle for you to glide down.

Cascading ponds, fountains and a pebbled stone bridge create a unique signing location and photo opportunity

The Gazebo Garden Ceremony Space at Shambala Estate