A Change to Authentic Celebrations

A change is taking place when it comes to weddings in Australia. At Shambala Estate, and right across the Country, there is a trend towards couples seeking something more heartfelt… more intimate… more personal in their wedding. Couples are choosing to embrace the beauty of simplicity, and are forging a path towards smaller, more meaningful ceremonies that warm the heart and touch the soul. Couples are creating more authentic celebrations of their love… intimate gatherings, where laughter, tears, and beautiful vows create an atmosphere of genuine warmth and togetherness.

The simplicity opens up a realm of boundless creativity and personalisation. A lovely opportunity for special people in the couples lives to contribute to the day. A chance for the couple to find joy in curating experiences that reflect their unique love story.

Authenic change in personalised weddings at Shambala Estate

It’s a joy and a privilege to be able to support our clients in creating these experiences. Some recent examples that show how you can make your wedding more heartfelt, intimate and personal include:

    • Handwritten vows
    • Memorable locations
    • Signature, personalised cocktails
    • Meaningful décor and decorations
    • Non-traditional experiences, including cocktail making lessons, dance lessons, meditations, live music performances, and sound healing sessions.
    • Cultural traditions, ceremonies and rituals.
    • Customised favours for the guests.

We’re keen to continue to find new ways of doing things a little different, and would love to hear any other ideas you may have!