Sustainable Wedding

Do you want to have a Sustainable Wedding?

Weddings should not cost the planet and you can have a sustainable wedding at Shambala Estate.

We minimise our impact

Our venue is solar powered and we try to keep our emissions super looooow.

We offset more than all our emissions (including flights) with the good folk at

Shambala Estate is Carbon Neutral

Shambala Estate is Carbon Neutral

Maximum Taste, Zero Waste

  • Renewably powered – during the day we are 100% off grid
  • No to single use – we consciously choose not to use single use items
  • Keeping it local – we source our produce as locally and ethically as possible
  • Reusing waste – from drying flower arrangements to reusing decorations to a nifty little tricks we have with candles, we’re always looking at ways to upcycle.
  • Recycling – we recycle all glass, plastic and paper waste
  • Rain and bore water – we are off grid, we collect rain water and supplement with bore water, we treat every drop with the resect it deserves
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Sustainable Wedding at Shambala Estate Tamborine Mountain
Party positive - carbon negative at Shambala Estate

Party Positive, Carbon Neutral

  • Sewerage – being off grid, we use environmentally friendly paper products and after treatment use nutrient water to support the forest
  • Friendly cleaning agents – we use environmentally friendly cleaning agents were possible including vinegar, bicarb and essential oils
  • Animal sanctuary – Shambala Estate is the home to threatened frogs, rare owls, countless reptiles and bird species. Our grounds management
  • Practices ensure that these precious animals are not harmed by harsh chemicals. Water sources are readily available for their use.
  • Supporting causes – we regularly do pro bono gigs for environmental and community causes.
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